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Welcome to Philadelphia! Welcome to The Schuylkill River! Or the Upper Schuylkill River! Or the Christiana River!

My web site is currently under construction.  Some limited information is available on the links above.  Please note that the headers themselves are clickable, not just the drop downs below the menu bar!

The 2017 Spring high school racing team had an excellent season last year. If you have any pictures from last year or previous years and you want to see them on my website please, email them to me.

Do you love my logo?  It was a collaboration between my wife, Nicole and me.  Her degree is in art and graphic design, and I think that it really shows in the GRS logo.  

During the fall, when head racing season is in full swing and it gets darker earlier, I start thinking about night rowing safety. I have a new article about boat lights in my equipment link. I have some strong opinions about lights, but I think that I back them up pretty well. Let me know what you think.

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