Procedure for Joining - Spring Program

Checklist / Timeline for forms & fees

The program starts annually on the first Wednesday after Presidents Day, in 2020, that is Feb. 19. The program fee for 2020 is $2500. This covers all practices and regattas except for anything AFTER Stotesbury and all USRowing fees. There is an additional equipment fee of $400. Returning students and parents, you may proceed directly below and start the process of registering for 2020. You may print and use the checklist form here, if you want a printed record of all the forms and other tasks for which you will be responsible.

New and prospective students and parents, please read the entire description of the Independent High School Rowing Program first, then proceed to step 1 below.

1. Contact Jamie - You must be invited to participate in this program. Let me know what school you attend, and what rowing experience you have. Please remember, this is NOT a school sport - you MUST have prior approval from Jamie Gordon to participate in this program.  Once you have been invited to participate, you may:

2. Send in Deposits and first Form - Due in the December prior to the upcoming season (for returning athletes - later for new students). Send them directly to the address at the bottom of the page, or scan and email forms to me. You may also pay electronically Via VENMO: Jamie-Gordon-12, or via the CASH APP: $GordonRowing.

  • First Deposit of$500 payable to Gordon Rowing Services, due by the end of December prior to the program.
  • Information Sheet - Please note that the Information Sheet includes Doctor’s permission to participate. If you send payment electronically, please email me this form separately.
  • Second Deposit of $500 Due by the end of the January prior to the start of the program, after the students participation has been confirmed.

3. Sign Online Rosters and Waivers - Due one week before the start of the program - Please do these in order!

  • Renew (or join for the first time) your no-longer-free Basic Membership to USRowing (it is only about $10)

Go to: Click the appropriate link to get a new membership, or renew your previous membership (click Members) and sign your online waiver. If you  are renewing and don’t remember your membership number, follow the “Forgot My Member Number” link.  Whether you are joining for the first time or renewing, you will have to sign up under your High School affiliation.  You will need the affiliation code to complete your membership, here they are:

Boys Latin GQVRS

Strath Haven UYQVZ

  • Sign you online PSRA Waiver

This should be available through the PSRA web site ( The link is (Available in March 2020). Choose your school and then go through each screen and make sure that all of your personal information is correct. Your parent may need to do the official signing. This waiver will add you to your school roster for Regatta Central.

4. Due by or on the first day of the program:

  • Payment in full of the balance is due by the first day of the program; $1900. We offer an installment option for parents who wish one (please email me directly to enroll). The third payment (deposits were first and second) of the installment program is a $500 check payable to James Gordon or GRS.  (Reminder: Program fee for 2020 is $2500 plus the equipment fee is $400 = total fees $2900: $500 deposit 1, $500 deposit 2, three $500 installments and one $400 installment).
  • Return the following completed forms:
  • Program Waiver
  • Medical Proxy Form
  • Hines Rowing Center Code of Conduct sign-off sheet - read the HRC COC below. Boy’s Latin do not need this form
  • Vesper Boat Club Waiver - for Boy’s Latin only

Parents and Students are required to read the following: 

and sign a form that attests to you voluntary compliance to the rules therein:

5. Due by March 1:

  • Swim Test Form for the entire school squad. This is a new requirement that we need to follow.
  • Swim Test form for new participants only if you go to a school that can not provide the entire team with a swim test.
  • Roster form for your School - Every student or group of students from the same school must the attached form filled out by their school administration proving that they are fully-matriculated students in good standing at that school. Each school represented in this program needs only one roster from each school.

6. Due by March 5:

  • All schools must have a valid USRowing Organizational membership. Gordon Rowing Services will be the “Umbrella Organization" for all of our sub-organizations (the high schools in our program). A parent from each school will join with an Umbrella membership for $350. USRowing may comp the fee for small schools, but each school MUST have an umbrella membership.  Ask before you pay.  Who ever purchases the membership from USRowing for your school will need to coordinate with Jamie.
  • Lightweight Certification form.  Anyone considering competing as a lightweight during the season must have written approval from a medical professional that they are safe to be at weight.  PSRA rules require women to weigh 130lb. or less and men to weigh 150lb. or less.
  • A NOTE TO LIGHTWEIGHT ATHLETES: There are new (in 2020) USRowing procedures for lightweights participating in USRowing sanctioned regattas. For us, this is only City Championships and Stotesbury. We may not need to use these new procedures. Please speak directly to me if you are interested in the lightweight double or quad.

7. Program Fee Installment Schedule: You may also pay electronically Via VENMO: Jamie-Gordon-12, or via the CASH APP: $GordonRowing

  • Deposit 1 ($500) Due by the end of December prior to the program (or within one week of invitation)
  • Deposit 2 ($500) Due by the end of January prior to the program
  • Third Installment ($500) Due the first Wednesday after Presidents Day, in February, which is the first day of the program
  • Fourth Installment ($500) Due the third Friday in March
  • Fifth Installment ($500) Due the second Friday in April
  • Last Installment (the balance) Due the first Friday in May

8. Due May 14:

• School Roster for SRAA Nationals (only names of those participating necessary)

All forms and checks may be delivered to practice (except for Deposits and Info Sheet) or can be scanned and emailed to, or mailed directly to:

James Gordon

208 Engle Drive

Wallingford, PA 19086

A Re-Cap of all the Forms:

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