2005 Flyweight Advantage

FOR SALE: 2005 Flyweight Advantage with tubular aluminum wing rigger. The boat was built for a sculler of 120 - 150lbs. It is in excellent condition and ready to be rowed and raced. Asking $5000 OBO.

The boat was recently touched up by Shell Repair USA - some small damage was repaired and parts of the hull were re-sprayed with the original Awl Grip paint - the hull is in excellent condition, however there are two or three small scratches at the bow from handling since the re-spray (less than 1/4” each). The fin is siliconed into the fin box - and the fin (which is the proper Advantage fin) has a fitting for an impeller for a thru-hull NK speed sensor speed coach. However, though it is hard to see in the pictures, the lead to the impeller sensor has been cut at the speed coach mount. The trim tape seems to be original, and needs to be replaced. I can do it if there is any interest in that. The new purchaser can choose the color of the new tape, should you want it.

The decks are also in excellent shape, though they were not repainted. The only area that shows wear is under the wing attachment point; several paint chips and small gouges are evident on the gunwale.

The shell comes with Carl Douglas tracks, and a Durham Boat Company carbon seat with metal undercarriage and ball bearing wheels. The boat has raced successfully so far in its life with the excellent and solid tubular aluminum rigger. To upgrade to a new carbon wing from Van Dusen would be about $2400. I have my own extra Van Dusen carbon wing which has only been used a few times that I could sell for an additional $2000, but the aluminum wing is perfectly functional.

The boat is located near Philadelphia and would be available for pick up or to be viewed at any of the local head races. I'm selling this boat for a friend. Please contact Jamie Gordon at (215) 850-4570 or jamesagordon@comcast.net with any questions.

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