Adult Training Programs

To excell at any sport, one needs to optimumize three areas:

1. Physical fitness

2. Technical competence

3. Mental toughness

Every sport has it’s own unique combination of these areas. The training program focuses on the physical fitness componet of racing preparation. Technical competence and mental toughness are well attended to in the Adult Training Group. This page focuses on the athletes' physiological preparation for racing.

Rowing, in particular, requires a very specific physical fitness profile for an athlete to expect to do well. Rowing is a power endurance sport; it requires great strength and stamina, a combination not easily acquired in a short amout of time or without a large personal commitment. Years of exercise physiology studies and many books point towards a systematic training program as the only way to achieve the physical fitness levels needed to excell at rowing.

GRS uses a highly adaptable comprehensive training program as a template to customize for any individual or team. The yearly competitive goals are used as a framework to form the overall profile of the training program. Working backwards from the key regattas, we determine the timing of the training program. Many variables are taken into consideration to determine the volume of training, but once the details are worked out, the yearly training spreadsheet gives the workloads for each segment within the year, each cycle within the segments, each week within each cycle and even for each day within each week. Even so, the athlete has the flexibility to work the daily workouts around his or her life, as, after all, we all have lives and changing demands on our time.

Pricing for an individual training program is available on request. A sliding scale is used for groups of individuals. The athlete gets: 1. A 90 min. setup session to put together the spreadsheet. 2. A 2 hour session to go over use of the spreadsheet, weekly planning, and use of the log/journal. 3. Two one hour sessions to review the implementation of the plan and the log/journal as the program progresses. 4. Discounted fees for the Adult Traing Group. 5. Unlimited phone and email consultation.

To prepare for an initial consultation, add up the time you usually spend exercising in a week. What was the average amount of time for the last two months? What was the average time per week in your two or three best weeks in the past 5 years? How does that compare to the amount of time you can reasonably expect to have available for exercise most weeks? Also, a recent 6K, 2K and 1K erg score, and a clear answer to the question "what are your rowing goals”?

We look forward to working with you.

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