Shell Repair

GRS maintains a full-featured Boat Repair Shop. We offer complete repair solutions for select members of the rowing community.

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As the Equipment Manager of Bachelors Barge Club, we provide boat maintainence and repair services for the club fleet of 33 racing and recreational shells. The average age of the fleet was 14 years old per seat, yet the boats were kept in repair for use by a novice membership of about 140 members over the course of 15 years; not an easy task. GRS excels in providing quick repairs that get your boat back on the water.   

We offer FOUR levels of shell repair:

ASAP Service: A complete, effective repair that gets your boat back on the water in raceable condition in the quickest possible time - cosmetics are not addressed at this level; the water doesn’t care how your boat looks.

Economy Service: A complete repair, mimicking the original construction as closely as possible using epoxy repair materials. Cosmetic color matching is done by finding the closest can of spray paint commercially available.

General Spot Repair: A high quality repair of the damaged area using epoxy repair materials.  A high quality automotive finish paint is blended into the surrounding areas of the shell, and the entire area is buffed to match the rest of the boat.   

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Reconditioning: The only way to make a boat look new is to repair all damage, replace all worn parts, give it a new coat of paint and replace all of the stickers and trim.

General shop hourly fee: $85/hour.  Call for an estimate for your repair needs.

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