Adult Training Groups

Most clubs on Boathouse Row do not have adult racing teams.  Masters rowers who wish to race usually find other club members to race with and those individuals decide on boatings, races and training partners.

GRS offers an adult race training group for adult rowers who wish to train in a group to prepare for racing. The group is open to anyone on Boathouse Row.  The focus of the group is:

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  1. Fitness for racing
  2. Racing skills from extensive racing simulation
  3. Improving rowing technique through active drills

The group meets Wednesday and Friday mornings from 6AM - 7AM and on Saturday mornings from 7AM - 8:30AM. Rowers sign up for one calendar month at a time.  Each rower will decide at the beginning of the month which days each weeek they plan to attend.  Most group members choose the same day or days each week. The cost for one day per week is $60 for that month, the cost for two days per week is $120 per month, and the cost for all three days per week is $150 per month. Payment is due at the begining of the month; check, cash or PayPal gladly accepted.

This group is open to any adult rower from any club who is beyond the raw beginning stage and has a desire to train for racing.  The best way to prepare yourself is to put yourself into a competitive situation with people who are of a like mind. 

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